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Manitoba Grand Beach

Discussion in 'Camping: Provincial & National Parks' started by SnoSheriff, Apr 10, 2016.

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    Grand Beach is awesome on hot summer day. The lake is very shallow on the beach side and one can walk out VERY far to get into 6' waters. On hot summer weekend there are thousands of visitors to Grand Beach.

    The boardwalk food is not the best. Near by Grand Marais has various small shops and restaurants and there are also picnic areas in the park. Too bad the province doesn't commercialize the beach area to better cater to all of the beach visitors.

    On the less busy side of the beach (I think West beach) sometimes you can spot kiteboarding (kitesurfing). Very neat to see these guys board along the beach back and forth...

    Grand Beach sand is amazing and very fine. It's great for building sand castles with your kids. Bring a shovel to move some sand :). The sand sure gets hot in those +30C temps.

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