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Manitoba White Spruce on the Lake - near Lac Du Bonnet

Discussion in 'Camping: Private Campgrounds & Lodges' started by SnoSheriff, Apr 18, 2016.

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    "White Spruce on the Lake" campground is near Lac Du Bonnet right on the Winnipeg river. This is very new campground with various construction underway. Public facilities aren't available at this time. Last fall they were building the boat launch. The campground still had camping lots available.

    The campground has various restrictions that may not meet everyone's needs. The septic and water tanks are above ground and everyone is responsible for their own tank servicing... Most of the site improvement materials (eg: gravel) must be purchased through the campground owners so you pay higher premium, ATVs are not allowed on their property, if you have a deck you'll have to pay additional taxes...

    However, Winnipeg river is right there so if you are into fishing and watersports then this may be what you are looking for.

    We'll see what changes are made in 2016 :)

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